We believe in developing good lines of communication with each of our clients and working closely with them through the initial design exploration and costing analysis to develop a brief which comprehensively encompass all of their needs and aspirations.
We can assist in developing a programme and establishing a budget. The practice is experienced at preparing feasibility studies and negotiations with Planning Authorities and English Heritage. We have the experience to undertake appraisals of existing buildings with respect to repairs, renewals, and improvements and design proposals to accommodate new uses. We can assist in identifying opportunities for external project funding eg from EEC, City Grant, City Challange, IUA, Lottery.

Integration Architecture is a professional practice which has a vibrant intrest and enthusiasm for creative, quality design individually tailored to the needs of each of our clients. We believe in examining every situation from first principles and seek individual solutions to each design problem. We have a keen interest in designing at all scales from the largest to the smallest elements. We believe that the buildings, spaces which we design should be functional but should also go beyond function to create a real sence of place.
Integration Architecture is interested in what we refer to as ‘changeable space’ ie is capable of changing to suit activity, time of day, time of year, weather, mood etc and we are keenly interested in the ‘human-place’ relationship.

Cost and Programme
Integration Architecture strive to provide a cost effective product completed within budget and within programme. We believe in maintaining astute cost control by
a) establishing realistic budgets at the outset
b) cost plans are prepared and monitored throughout the project.
c) to avoid variations during the post tender period production information is prepared in great detail.
d) the programme is constantly monitored and appropriate action taken to avoid delay and the client is kept informed of progress against the programme.

As a practice we are always eager to provide the highest possible standards with respect to both service and product provision thereby producing a finished product which provides lasting quality. We hold in high regard the maintenance of our links with the latest research and technology. Our materials, components and techniques are extensivly researched before specification. All projects are closely supervised throughout their construction to ensure that high standards are maintained.


Integration Architecture provides a full range of architectural services from inception to completion. We aim to maximise the potential of each project through creative design, an intimate knowledge of the subject, a rigorous investigation and selection process and a collaborative approach with clients, consultants, contractors, fabricators and suppliers.

Public and private housing.
Company headquarters.
Ecology projects.
New-build and refurbishment projects.

We prepare feasibility studies for sites and buildings with the view to assessing development potential.
We undertake appraisals of buildings with respect to repairs, renewals, improvements and design proposals to accommodate new uses and adding value.
Restoration of and alterations to listed buildings and conservation area buildings.
Design & Build and traditional contracts




Be it of a product, a space or a building successful design requires the integration of an informed brief, a practical competence of the building process, astute cost and programme management, artistic vision and a sound leadership ability. These skills need to be supported by a vibrant client/architect working relationship.




To work in partnership with nature is essential and should be the concern of all who are involved with the built environment. It reduces pollution, offers improved quality of our living and working environments, greater awareness of and closer contact with the natural ecological systems, significant savings in running costs and a clearer conscience. The last thirty years have witnessed changes in public attitudes to high consumption of energy and the shift to a more caring attitude to ecology. We work towards solutions, which use totally renewable sources of energy as well as offering dramatic reductions in pollution.